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At the beginning of the 1980’s the MMB was looking for a new publication, which could be used regularly in the home whilst also promoting milk and dairy product usage. A diary containing recipes and household information was the answer. So in 1981, the Dairy Diary was born. It proved more popular than the MMB can ever have imagined, selling over 1½ million copies in its first year. The history of the Dairy Diary truly begins. 
The launch of the Dairy Diary was supported by a strapline at the end of generic TV milk adverts. This was later followed by the Dairy Diary featuring in the “dancing milk bottles’ milk TV advert. In 1995 the Dairy Diary had its own advert which was shown during breakfast TV. 
The Dairy Diary’s unique blend of food, household hints and diary pages prompted the creation of the ‘home diary’, a product sector in its own right, which resulted in several copycat diaries, who also saw the benefits of a home management publication. 
Following the closure of farmer organisations (MMB and Milk Marque) the Dairy Diary and associated products were sold in 2001 to an independent publisher Eaglemoss Ltd. 
Throughout the history of the Dairy Diary, it has remained true to its roots and still sells via the milkman. It’s now 39 years old and still has an extremely loyal following, with many purchasers owning the full set of diaries, dated right back to the early eighties. 
The look of the Dairy Diary has changed radically over the years with its design and photographs echoing the changes in fashion and food styling. Its recipes reflect the growing interest in international cuisine. As a diary, it has developed with the benefits of; spiral binding, a notes pocket, sticker sheets and the addition of a pocket-sized version. 
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